Anonymous street artists painted a dotted line and scissors on the defunct Matilija Dam in 2011. The dam has been slated for removal for years, but additional studies are being conducted to decide how best to deal with the trapped sediment and downstream water supply. Matilija Dam is owned by the County of Ventura, California in a scene from DAMNATION. Photo: Matt Stoecker


Edward Milne Community School
6218 Sooke Rd
British Columbia
V9Z 0G7

Awareness Film Night

Feb 11
Sooke, British Columbia, Canada 7:00 PM

Co-presented with Sierra Club of B.C.

This film is from the U.S. where there is a change in the national attitude towards the damming of rivers from pride in big dams as engineering wonders to the growing awareness that the future is bound to the life and health of rivers.  Dams are coming down in the U.S. and several dammed rivers and their ecosystems are being restored to their natural states.

Not so in B.C. where the provincial government has just approved creation of the Site C dam on the Peace River which will flood over 100 kilometers of prime farmland found on the river valley bottomland, sever the Yellowstone to Yukon wildlife corridor and flood First Nations heritage sites.

Post-screening discussion will be lead by Ana Simeon, Peace Valley campaigner from Sierra Club of B.C.