Extremely cold water trickles out of the Glen Canyon Dam into what's left of Glen Canyon, forming an unnatural stretch of trout water on the Arizona/Utah border in a scene from DAMNATION. Photo: Ben Knight


Groups Oppose Trapping and Hauling Fish Around Dams

The following letter outlines concerns and opposition to a May 7, 2015 announcement by the Yuba Salmon Partnership Initiative (YSPI), which aims to create a first of its kind trap and haul program in California. As outlined in the letter, we believe that the existing and proposed trap and haul projects around dams runs contrary to sound, wild fisheries recovery science, the intentions and requirements of the Endangered Species Act and many state fisheries management plans. Diverting limited resources and attention to such projects is a serious threat to future investment in effective river restoration efforts like full dam removal and achieving self-sustaining fisheries recovery nationwide.

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A photo of a trap and haul truck, taken by Matt Stoecker

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